Celebrating Women Leaders Luncheon
Global Conflicts and Crises: The View from the Inside
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Washington, DC—On December 15, 2014, the Women’s Foreign Policy Group honored The New York Times Pentagon Correspondent Helene Cooper, CNN Global Affairs Correspondent Elise Labott, The Washington Post Pentagon Correspondent Missy Ryan, and PBS Newshour Chief Foreign Correspondent Margaret Warner for their outstanding coverage of national security and foreign policy issues. The discussion on "Global Crises: A View from the Inside", was moderated by Elisabeth Bumiller, Deputy Washington Bureau Chief for The New York Times and a member of the WFPG Board of Directors.

During their remarks and the following discussion, the journalists covered the Ebola crisis, the firing of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, ISIS, negotiations in Iran, the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, Secretary Hagel’s recent trip to Iraq and Afghanistan, the recently released CIA torture report, the current situation in Libya, Secretary Kerry’s tenure at the State Department and his relationship with National Security Adviser Susan Rice, Ashton Carter’s new role as Secretary of Defense, and President Obama’s foreign policy legacy.


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Helene Cooper of The New York Times and
Margaret Warner of the PBS Newshour

  Missy Ryan of The Washington Post and
Elise Labott of CNN

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Moderator Elisabeth Bumiller of The New York Times
opens the program

  WFPG Board Chair Ann Stock welcomes guests

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WFPG Board of Directors with
Celebrating Women Leaders Luncheon Honorees

  WFPG President Patricia Ellis and Chair Ann Stock
give Celebrating Women Leaders awards to the honorees

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Patricia Ellis and Ann Stock with Tom McCoy,
Theresa Loar, Tawny Chritton, and
Caitlin Francis of CH2M Hill

  Patricia Ellis and Board Members Donna McLarty,
Ann Stock, Maxine Isaacs,
Dawn Calabia, and Theresa Loar

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Ambassador Al-Mughairy of Oman, Ambassador
Dahinden of Switzerland, Missy Ryan, Ambassador
Cuisia of the Philippines, and Helene Cooper


Ambassador Cuisia of the Philippines
and Board Member Donna McLarty

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Board Member Diana Villiers Negroponte speaks
with Ambassador Al-Mughairy of Oman

  Patricia Ellis, Ambassador Al-Mughairy of Oman, and
Ambassador Dahinden of Switzerland with
Board Members Marlene Johnson and Donna McLarty

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Assistant Secretary of State Roberta Jacobson
with Patricia Ellis and Elise Labott

  Tawny Chritton, Caitlin Francis, Tom McCoy, and
Theresa Loar of CH2M Hill with Sara Abdulla Al-Saadi
and Mohammed Al- Attiyah of the Embassy of Qatar

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Patricia Ellis with WFPG Members Alene Gelbard of
the Public Health Institute, Margie Lehrman (retired) from
NBC News, and Betty Soppelsa of NAFSA

  Ambassador Al-Mughairy of Oman and Shelly Porges
of Reservoir Q Global

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WFPG Members Andrea Corcoran of Align International
and Caroline Chewning of United Technologies

  Helene Cooper speaks with Ambassador
Panagopoulos of Greece

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Robert Wood Johnson Fellow Kimberlyn Leary,
Member Marina McCarthy of the
White House Commission on
US Presidential Scholars, and Patricia Ellis

  Ambassador Al-Mughairy of Oman, Shelly Porges,
Board Member Isabel Jasinowski, Assistant Secretary Anne
Patterson, and Board Member Diana Negroponte

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