WFPG Welcomes New Executive Director, Alexa Chopivsky

The Women’s Foreign Policy Group is delighted to announce Alexa Chopivsky as its new Executive Director. A proven leader and entrepreneur, Ms. Chopivsky will bring to the role a collaborative leadership style, a deep reach into the global foreign policy community, and enormous energy. She has invaluable experience in all the areas critical to WFPGs’ success and growth: international affairs, high-impact programming, mentoring, and development. Read more about Alexa here.

WFPG Stands with the Women of Iran

The Women’s Foreign Policy Group stands firmly in solidarity with Iranian women fighting for freedom and equality. We are shocked by the tragic death of Mahsa Amini and moved by the bravery of the protesters who endanger their own lives to fight for human rights in Iran. The Mahsa Amini protests are a series of ongoing protests that started on September 16, 2022, sparked by the death of Mahsa Amini, a young woman who died while in police custody for breaking the country's dress code.

The WFPG considers it of the utmost importance for people across the world to help protect and support Iranian women and their rights in any way they can. Learn how you can support Iranian women.

Read Women in the World

WFPG Women in the World is a weekly collection of international news updates involving women and girls. WFPG members and partners are invited to send in their published news articles to [email protected] Read this week's update here.

Read our latest VOICES Blog Posts!

WFPG Voices is a global issues forum that amplifies women's voices and highlights the expertise of those who support the organization. WFPG members and partners are invited to contribute blog posts covering foreign policy, women's leadership, environment, career advancement, and more. Read our latest blog posts here.

WFPG in Support of Ukraine

The Women’s Foreign Policy Group stands firmly in solidarity with Ukraine. The WFPG considers it of the utmost importance for the United States and the international community to help protect both Ukrainian sovereignty as well as the well-being of its people. While a precarious time, policymakers must continue to take all necessary steps to uphold our national commitment to support Ukrainian freedom. Learn how you can support Ukraine.

Events and Programming

The WFPG holds events throughout the year in Washington, DC, New York City, and virtually. Some of our programs include but are not limited to: our Beyond the Headlines Series, which aims to provide audience members with insider insight regarding prominent news issues in international affairs; our Embassy Series, which are hosted at embassies, consulates, and diplomatic residents and facilitate conversations regarding foreign policy in the host country; and our Author Series, which features the work of distinguished authors and journalists. Join us at these events and much more to highlight the contributions of women leaders in international affairs.

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Mentoring and Professional Development

Providing the next generation with the tools to succeed is central to promoting women’s leadership in foreign affairs. WFPG provides a forum where women of all ages can broaden their networks, mentor those new to the field, and be mentored by those who have come before them through mentoring forums and 1:1 mentoring programs. WFPG also holds regular skills-focused webinars focused on virtual networking, interviews, salary negotiation, and career transitions.



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