Support Afghan Women
Women’s Foreign Policy Group stands in solidarity with women and girls in Afghanistan as the Taliban takes control of the country. This includes the right of women to live and work in safety and security. We recognize the dedication and tenacity of many women leaders and advocates, and pledge to do all we can to mobilize our community to ensure their safety and wellbeing. We ask from those involved in any peace negotiations to ensure that the rights of women and girls are safeguarded. Learn how to help | Read more

How our members can help
International Rescue Committee
The IRC is working to provide aid in areas of conflict and provide support for displaced people in Kabul. IRC also has resources to easily advocate US leaders to assist Afghani refugees and asylum seekers.
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Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area
The Lutheran Social Services is one of the primary organizations actively working to resettle Afghans in the DC area and is providing transportation, housing, and other basic needs.
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Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington
Catholic Charities is another one of the primary organizations working to resettle Afghans arriving in the DMV area. To donate specifically to this effort, make sure to mark your donation under the ‘migration and refugee services heading.’
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Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security
GIWPS is setting a course for a more stable, peaceful, and just world by examining and highlighting the roles of women in forging peace and growing economies.
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Turquoise Mountain
Turquoise Mountain was founded in 2006 by HRH The Prince of Wales to revive historic areas and traditional crafts, to provide jobs, skills, and a renewed sense of pride. Turquoise Mountain remains deeply committed to its work in Afghanistan and has set up a fundraising page for those who wish to contribute.
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Women for Afghan Women
Women for Afghan Women (WAW) is a grassroots civil society organization dedicated to protecting and promoting the rights of disenfranchised Afghan women and girls in Afghanistan and New York.
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Women for Women International
Women for Women International's Stronger Women, Stronger Nations program has reached more than 127,000 women in five provinces in Afghanistan since 2002. Currently, they are running a dollar-to-dollar donation campaign up to $500,000 for women in Afghanistan.
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Women's Regional Network
The Women’s Regional Network ​​is a network of women civil society leaders working together to advance women’s rights and regional peace in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India.
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