Playing with Fire: Pakistan at War with Itself
Pamela Constable, Foreign Correspondent, The Washington Post
Transcript | DC Event

alt New York, NY—On November 10, 2011, journalist Pamela Constable discussed her new book, Playing with Fire: Pakistan at War with Itself, at a Women's Foreign Policy Group Author Series event at the offices of Arnold & Porter, LLP.

After 13 years of covering Pakistan for The Washington Post, Constable chronicled her observations on a country that has struggled with democracy since its creation. Pakistans potential, she claimed, is mired in a corrupt political system controlled by a feudal-minded elite. The confluence of religious zeal, lack of education and opportunity have not only stalled Pakistans progress but made it resistant to improvement.


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 Author Pamela Constable and
WFPG President Patricia Ellis

   Pamela Constable addresses WFPG guests

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