Tell Me How This Ends:
General David Petraeus and the Search for the Way Out of Iraq

Linda Robinson, Author in Residence, Philip Merrill Center for Strategic Studies,
Johns Hopkins School for Advanced International Studies

Austrian Consulate General of New York | New York, NY | October 27, 2008


Speaker Linda Robinson with Mr. Alan Blinken and Ms. Melina Blinken

Linda Robinson addressing WFPG members and guests about her latest book


Austrian Consul-General Brighitta Blaha with Finnish Consul-General Ritva Jolkkonen and Patricia Ellis, WFPG President

Consul-General Blaha and Patricia Ellis with
WFPG guests Richard Valcourt and Edina Zsarnai

WFPG guests participating in the question and
answer session with Linda Robinson.

Consul-General Blaha and WFPG guest Sally Yerkovic