World Crises and the UN: From Sudan to DRC to Afghanistan
Keynote Speaker Rosemary DiCarlo,
US Alternate Representative For Special Political Affairs to the UN
May 1, 2009 | New York, NY

WFPG Board Members with Ambassador Rosemary DiCarlo

Ambassador Rosemary DiCarlo

Morning Briefing Sessions

Session I: The UN Secretary General's Top Priorities and Challenges

Eva Busza
Principal Officer, Strategic Planning Unit, Executive Office of the Secretary-General | Transcript

Session II: Major Political Crises Facing the UN

B. Lynn Pascoe
Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs | Transcript

Session III: Ending Violence against Women in Conflict Zones

Joanne Sandler
Deputy Executive Director of UNIFEM | Transcript

Session IV: Protecting Children in Armed Conflict

Radhika Coomaraswamy
Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict | Transcript

Morning Briefing Sessions

WFPG Board Member Susan Rappaport with
Board Chair Maxine Isaacs


WFPG President Patricia Ellis, Susan Rappaport, and
UNF Senior Advisor and event moderator Gillian Sorensen

Eva Busza, Principal Officer, Strategic Planning Unit


Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs
B. Lynn Pascoe

Deputy Executive Director of UNIFEM Joanne Sandler


Under-Secretary-General Radhika Coomaraswamy

Patricia Ellis, Gillian Sorensen, and guest


Board Member Mary Catherine Toker (right)

WFPG members and guests


The briefing room



Luncheon Program

WFPG Board Chair and event sponsor
Maxine Isaacs makes opening remarks

  Patricia Ellis introduces Ambassador Rosemary
DiCarlo to Maxine Isaacs

Ambassador DiCarlo and Gillian Sorensen

  Board Member Diana Villiers Negroponte and
Ambassador DiCarlo

Patricia Ellis and Under-Secretary-General Coomaraswamy

  Ambassador DiCarlo, and event sponsors
Maxine Isaacs and Melanie Blinken

Board Member Diana Villiers Negroponte

  Board Member Susan Rappaport (left) and guests

The Women's Foreign Policy Group would like to thank Maxine Isaacs and Melinda Blinken
for their support of the fifth annual WFPG UN Briefings and Luncheon

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