Member and Guest Reception
With a political update by: Gloria Borger, CNN Chief Political Analyst

Washington, DC—On October 18, 2012, WFPG members and guests joined Board Chair Maxine Isaacs at her home for an evening reception to celebrate WFPG's many contributions to promoting women in foreign policy. The event included a political update by CNN Chief Political Analyst Gloria Borger, who discussed the upcoming election and the presidential debate that had taken place earlier in the week, particularly the foreign policy implications of each candidate's statements.


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WFPG Board Chair Maxine Isaacs welcomes guests

  CNN's Gloria Borger gives a political update

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Maxine Isaacs recognizes US Foreign Service Officer
Emily Harter, a former WFPG staff member

  WFPG Board Vice Chair Gail Leftwich Kitch and
WFPG President Patricia Ellis

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Gail Leftwich Kitch and
Ambassador Ritva Koukku-Ronde of Finland

  General Patricia Hickerson with WFPG Board Members
Donna Constantinople and Theresa Loar

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WFPG Board Member Dawn Calabia, WFPG Member
Emily Harter, and Deborah DeYoung

  WFPG Board Member Diana Villiers Negroponte speaks
with Ambassador Koukku-Ronde

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Pamela Pugh, Donna Constantinople, and Maxine Isaacs

  WFPG Associate Director Kimberly Kahnhauser with
Emily Harter of the Department of State

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WFPG Members Sharon Brandy Kotok and
Jennifer Lehmann Weng

  Emily Murray, Patricia Ellis, and
WFPG Member Kelli Kedis Ogborn

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WFPG Member Michelle Silberman, Samantha Levy,
and Shannon Grewer

  WFPG Members Yvonne Captain and Paula Feeney