What Does It Take to Compete in the Global Arena?
The Challenges for Mexico and Brazil

Diana Villiers Negroponte, The Brookings Institution

Washington, DC—On September 11, 2013, Diana Villiers Negroponte, author and non-resident senior fellow at The Brooking Institution, addressed WFPG members and guests on her new book, The End of Nostalgia: Mexico Confronts the Challenges of Global Competition. The event was moderated by WFPG President, Patricia Ellis. In her remarks, Negroponte focused primarily on the political and social challenges the leaders of Brazil and Mexico face while seeking to modernize and become more globally competitive. With both countries experiencing a large emerging middle class, Negroponte emphasized the issues of education and social services have become increasingly important and problematic. Finally, Negroponte discussed the close ties the United States has with Mexico and Brazil. However, in the wake of the National Security Agency’s spying incident the relationship has cooled. Negroponte addressed the effects this incident will have on future economic and political diplomacy between the US, Mexico and Brazil.


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Diana Villiers Negroponte, WFPG board member and author,
addresses WFPG

  WFPG President Patricia Ellis and Diana Villiers Negroponte

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Betty and Joseph Dukert 

  WFPG Members listen to Diana Villiers Negroponte 

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Diana Villiers Negroponte signs books

  Margaret Daly Hayes asks a question

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