What's Next in the Middle East? Iran, Syria, and Egypt
Robin Wright

Washington, DC—On October 30, 2013, author and journalist  Robin Wright briefed WFPG on future of the Middle East. In her remarks, Wright discussed the conflict in Syria and the future of the regime. She also discussed the coup in Egypt, the shifting role of the Muslim Brotherhood, and how the policies of the new government could affect relations abroad, including those with the US. Wright also updated WFPG on the status of US-Iranian negotiations.  She underlined the skill of the Iranian negotiators and warned that historical tensions might hinder progress. This event was hosted by Ambassador Božo Cerar of Slovenia and was moderated by WFPG President Patricia Ellis.


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Robin Wright addresses WFPG

  WFPG President Patricia Ellis, Robin Wright,and
Ambassador Bo
žo Cerar

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Patricia Ellis welcomes speaker Robin Wright

  Ambassador Joško Paro of Croatia asks a question

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Rehab Shawer of the embassy of Egypt asks a question

  Ambassador Božo Cerar and Ann Stock

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