A Conversation on: The US-Mexico Partnership
Ambassador Eduardo Medina Mora Icaza
Moderated by Diana Villiers Negroponte

Washington, DC—On January 16, 2014, Ambassador Eduardo Medina Mora Icaza of Mexico hosted an Embassy Series event for the WFPG on the US–Mexico Partnership. Twenty years after NAFTA came into effect, the Ambassador also stressed the need to enhance the understanding of both Mexicans and Americans about the new Mexico, and the very dynamic and different relationship between the two countries today. Ambassador Medina Mora discussed the future of North America as the world’s economic powerhouse, and expressed confidence that through a cohesive and dynamic partnership, the US and Mexico can effectively address the challenges of globalization. In his remarks, he also covered the importance of the recent Mexican constitutional reforms and their growing energy sector on both Mexico and on the trilateral relationship. In terms of security, the Ambassador discussed the role of the federal government dealing with the drug cartels by curtailing their financial flows and recruitment abilities. The conversation was held at the Mexican Cultural Institute and was moderated by WFPG Board member Diana Villiers Negroponte of the Brookings Institution.


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Ambassador Eduardo Medina Mora and WFPG Board
Member and moderator Diana Villiers Negroponte


WFPG Board Chair Ann Stock, Ambassador
Medina Mora, WFPG President Patricia Ellis and
Board Member Isabel Jasinowski

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Diana Villiers Negroponte welcomes guests


Ambassador Medina Mora addresses WFPG

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Ambassador Medina Mora and Diana Villiers Negroponte


A member of the audience asks a question

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Patricia Ellis and Ambassador
Palan Mulonda of Zambia


Rafael Rangel Sostmann, Diana Negroponte,
and Ambassador Medina Mora

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