UN Talent Pipeline: Recruiting Qualified Women for Director-Level Positions
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Washington, DC—On March 12, 2014, Kristina Koch, Chief of Recruitment Section of the UN Department of Field Support/Field Personnel Division, and Catherine Sung, Project Manager of the UN Talent Pipeline Initiative, briefed WFPG members and guests on the UN Talent Pipeline Initiative. This is a new initiative designed to recruit qualified women for director-level positions in UN Peacekeeping and Special Political Missions. The talent pipeline, open to senior-level women managers in international affairs, builds a pool of qualified candidates and broadens access to women with diverse skill sets to fill capacity gaps. Koch stated that recruiting more women for these positions will help to empower women in host countries, add diversity to the work force, and strengthen gender approach in mandate implementation. The discussion was moderated by WFPG President Patricia Ellis. Read more


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Kristina Koch and Catherine Sung of the UN Department
of Field Support address the WFPG


WFPG president Patricia Ellis, Kristina Koch,
and Catherine Sung

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