Looking Towards UNGA 69
Peace, Security and Development: New Perspectives and Partnerships

Washington, DC—On September 18, 2014, WFPG hosted a panel discussion with Mahmoud Mohieldin, the World Bank's Corporate Secretary and President's Special Envoy on Millennium Development Goals, and H.E. Faida Mitifu, Ambassador of the Democratic Republic of Congo to the United States, on the subject of peace, security, and development. The event was moderated by H.E. Amanda Ellis, Ambassador of New Zealand to the Office of the United Nations in Geneva.


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Amanda Ellis, New Zealand's Ambassador
to the UN in Geneva introducing the speakers


Michael Moore, New Zealand's Ambassador to the US
welcomes guests to the Embassy of New Zealand


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Mahmoud Mohieldin of the World Bank


Ambassador Faida Mitifu, Democratic Republic of Congo

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Ambassador Ellis, Ambassador Mitifu,
WFPG President Patricia Ellis, Ambassador Moore,
and Dr. Mohieldin


Ambassador Alves of Timor-Leste 
with Ambassador Amanda Ellis

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Ambassador Mitifu with William Exantus, DCM of Haiti


Will Davis of UNDP with Ambassador Ellis

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Patricia Ellis, David Gaston of New Zealand, and
Viviana Arenas and Maria de los Angeles of Guatemala


Jozefina Cutura asks a question

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Ambassador Susanne Shine, DCM of Denmark, and 
Marco Scuriatti of the World Bank


Chargé d’Affaires Velotiana Raobelina of Madagascar,
Ambassador Ellis, Patricia Ellis and Dr. Mohieldin