The Growing Humanitarian Crisis: Refugees and IDPs in Syria, Iraq, and Turkey
Daryl Grisgraber, Refugees International

Washington, DC—On October 28, 2014, Daryl Grisgraber, a senior advocate for the Middle East at Refugees International gave WFPG members and guests her first hand account of the refugee situation on the ground in the Middle East. She had recently returned from Lebanon and Iraqi Kurdistan where she examined the ongoing challenges of urban refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs). Earlier this year, she was also on the ground in Egypt and Jordan.


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WFPG Board Member Maxine Isaacs,
Daryl Grisgraber of Refugees International, and
WFPG President Patricia Ellis


Daryl Grisgraber briefs WFPG members
and guests on the refugee crisis


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Patricia Ellis and Daryl Grisgraber


Tessa Valk Mayerick of UNHCR asks a question


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Roxane Turner during Q&A


Elizabeth Ferris during the discussion


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Amy West asks a question


WFPG members and guests