Annual NY Mentoring Fair
Co-sponsored with New York University's Wasserman Career Center and
New York University's Wagner School of Public Service

NEW YORK, NY—On February 26, 2015, the WFPG held its annual NY Mentoring Fair at New York University. Over 100 students and young professionals attended the fair representing several universities including New York University, Columbia University, Princeton University, Cornell University, Barnard College, Vassar College, University of Pennsylvania, and many others. The Fair gave participants an opportunity to speak with accomplished professionals in such fields as the Department of State, international business, think tanks, international development, and the UN. Learn more about WFPG Mentoring Activities 


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WFPG President Patricia Ellis
welcomes mentors and students

  Over 100 students and young professionals
attended the mentoring fair in New York

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International Development:
Mara van Loggerenberg, policy manager
at the United Nations Foundation


Refugees & Humanitarian Assistance:
Marcy Hersh, Senior Advocate with Refugees International

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Empowerment Women and Girls:
Ruth Cowan from the Graduate Center,
City University of New York

  Empowerment Women and Girls:
Jin In, founder of 4Girls GLocal Leadership

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Empowerment Women and Girls:
Jessica Robinson, CEO of PurePoint International


Human Rights:
Peg Christoff, Professor at Stony Brook University,
and Kyrsetn Aspegren, Account Executive of Edelman