The Migrant Crisis in the Mediterranean: The European Union's Response
Ambassador David O'Sullivan
Ambassador of the European Union to the United States

Washington, DC—On May 1, 2015, Ambassador David O’Sullivan, serving as the Ambassador of the European Union to the United States, discussed with WFPG members and guests the ongoing migration crisis. As refugees from war-torn nations such as Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Syria attempt to reach safer shores, the European Union, a community of sovereign countries, faces the challenge of finding a sustainable solution. The discussion was moderated by WFPG President Patricia Ellis.


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WFPG President Patricia Ellis and Ambassador
David O’Sullivan of the European Union


Ambassador O’Sullivan addresses
WFPG members and guests


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Patricia Ellis moderates the discussion


Kasper Zeuthen and Gisella Gori of the Delegation
of the European Union to the US


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Jana Mason of the Office of the United Nations High
Commissioner for Refugees asks a question


Alessandro Cattaneo of the Embassy
of Italy during the Q&A

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WFPG members and guests during the discussion


Jean Gilson of DAI during Q&A



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WFPG member Sylvie Nomeny asks a question


Stephanie Hutson of the Department of State