Organized Crime as a Human Rights Issue: Perspectives from the Americas 
Joy Olson, Washington Office on Latin America 

Washington, DC—On April 11, 2016, Joy Olson, executive director of the Washington Office on Latin America, addressed WFPG members and guests on the effects of organized crime on human rights in Latin America. Olson discussed the human rights implications of gun trafficking, drug trafficking, and cartel violence. The event was co-sponsored by NAFSA: Association of National Educators. 

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Joy Olson from the Washington Office on Latin America

WFPG Board Member and NAFSA Executive
Director & CEO Marlene Johnson, WFPG
President Patricia Ellis, and Joy Olson


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Marlene Johnson welcomes guests

Patricia Ellis introduces the speaker

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Joy Olson answers a question from Patricia Ellis

Doris Meissner, senior fellow at the Migration
Policy Institute, asks a question

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Chloe White during Q&A

WFPG Members and Guests