Farewell Reception for Ambassador Claudia Fritsche of Liechtenstein
Hosted by Ambassador John and Diana Negroponte


Washington, DC—On June 27, 2016, WFPG held a small farewell reception for Ambassador Claudia Fritsche to thank her for her many years of dedicated mentorship and service. During her twelve years in Washington as Ambassador of Liechtenstein to the US and her fourteen years in New York as Liechtenstein’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Fritsche was always an avid supporter of women's leadership and an active member of the WFPG. The reception was hosted by Ambassador John Negroponte and Diana Villiers Negroponte.

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Ambassador Claudia Fritsche is recognized by WFPG Treasurer Dawn Calabia, host Ambassador John Negroponte, and WFPG President Patricia Ellis

Ambassador Juan Gabriel Valdés of Chile adds his reflections on Ambassador Fritsche’s service in NY and DC with hostess Diana Villiers Negroponte and Patricia Ellis


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Board members join Patricia Ellis in presenting a
farewell gift to Ambassador Fritsche

Ambassador Fritsche with Board Members


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WFPG Board Members Tara Sonenshine, Patricia Ellis, and Theresa Loar with Diana Negroponte

Board Members Marlene Johnson and Gail Leftwich Kitch


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Treasurer Dawn Calabia, Ambassador Vlora Çitaku of Kosovo, and Ambassador Hassana Alidou of Niger

Ambassador Fritsche looks at photo album with former Ambassador of Argentina Cecilia Nahón and Patricia Ellis

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Ambassador Fritsche and Ambassador Caroline Millar,
Deputy Chief of Mission of Australia

WFPG Board Member Nancy Ziuzin Schlegel and
Nobuko Sasae, wife of the Ambassador of Japan
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Tara Sonenshine, Patricia Ellis, and
Ambassador Gabriel Valdés

Sophia Negroponte, Marlene Johnson, WFPG Leadership Circle Member Karen St. John, and Diana Negroponte


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Caroline Vicini of the European Union and Ambassador Floreta Faber of Albania with Board Members Theresa Loar, Nancy Ziuzin Schlegel, and Mary Catherine Toker

Treasurer Dawn Calabia with Board Members
Theresa Loar and Allison Ford


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WFPG Board Member Nancy Ziuzin Schlegel,
Ambassador Fritsche, Patricia Ellis, and
Tamara Büchel-Brunhart of the Embassy of Liechtenstein

Ambassador Negroponte and Ambassador Alidou


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Ambassador Negroponte speaks with Dawn Calabia and Board Member Marcia Wiss

Tamara Büchel-Brunhart, Nobuko Sasae,
and Karen St. John