President Trump’s Withdrawal from the Paris Agreement:
What it Means at Home and Abroad

Coral Davenport, The New York Times

Washington, DCOn July 11, 2017, Energy and Environment Correspondent for The New York Times Coral Davenport joined the Women's Foreign Policy Group for a discussion on President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. During the program, Davenport covered the divisions within the Trump Administration, the impact of climate change on US foreign policy and relations with its allies, China’s new leadership role, how this decision plays to President Trump’s base, and the role of non-state actors. The discussion was moderated by Elisabeth Bumiller, WFPG Board Member and Washington Bureau Chief of The New York Times. The event was hosted by Ambassador Joško Paro at the Embassy of Croatia.

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Coral Davenport, Patricia Ellis and Elisabeth Bumiller

Ambassador Joško Paro of Croatia welcomes guests


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Coral Davenport and Elisabeth Bumiller

WFPG President Patricia Ellis


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A participant asks a question

Coral Davenport addresses the WFPG


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WFPG Board Member Stephenie Foster

Deputy Chief of Mission Lara Romano of Croatia

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WFPG members and guests

Patricia Ellis, Ambassador Sylvie Lucas of Luxembourg
and Ambassador Floreta Faber of Albania

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