Annual NY Mentoring Fair
Co-sponsored with NYU Wasserman Career Center and NYU Wagner School of Public Service
February 21, 2019 | New York, NY

On February 21, 2019, the WFPG held its annual NY Mentoring Fair at NYU co-sponsored by NYU Wasserman Career Center and NYU Wagner School of Public Service. Over 175 students and young professionals attended the fair representing many different universities, including NYU, Columbia, Sarah Lawrence, Johns Hopkins, Barnard, The New School, and more! Students spoke with accomplished professionals in diverse fields, such as the peacekeeping and peacebuilding, global health, international development, women’s empowerment, and corporate social responsibility. Many thanks to our mentors who volunteered their time to speak with students and young professionals! View mentors

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Peace and Security:
Swadesh Rana, World Policy Institute


International Security:
Samantha Vinograd, CNN, WFPG Board of Directors

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Human Rights:
Jennifer Fenton, Demos


US Foreign Service:
Mitchell Cohn, State Department, Retired

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International Business and Trade:
Lisa Guetzkow, Bank of China


United Nations:
Julia Maciel, UN Advisory Committee on
Administrative and Budgetary Questions


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International Law and Human Rights:
Linda Senat, Consultant


Refugee and Humanitarian Assistance:
Wendy MacClinchy, UNHCR

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Regional Focus: Asia:
Trudy Loo, United Board for Christian Higher Education


International Development:
Suzanne Harvey, Developmental Programs Ltd.

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International Development:
Kimberly Worsham, Safe Water Network


Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding:
Sharron Riggle, United Nations

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Empowering Women and Girls:
Su Young Jung, Womankind


United Nations:
Kathryn Good, United Nations

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Regional Focus: Latin America:
Marta Garcia Argenal, United Nations


Advocacy, Peace and Justice:
Mehmet Kilic, The Journalists and Writers Foundation

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Public Diplomacy and Communications:
Felipe Queipo, United Nations


International Education and exchanges:
Emily Commer, Cultural Vistas