The Women’s Foreign Policy Group works to ensure that women’s voices are heard on national security and foreign policy issues.  We believe in supporting leadership and participation of women at all levels of policy-making, and ensuring that they have seats at the table. 

In support of our mission, WFPG is compiling a database of diverse and qualified women who are ready to serve in non-Senate-confirmed presidentially appointed positions. This is a bipartisan effort aimed at providing both the Trump Administration and the Biden Transition Team with a list of women candidates from a variety of backgrounds willing to serve in their administrations. This effort will complement the work of our partner Leadership Council for Women in National Security (LCWINS), who has been actively advocating for gender parity in Senate-confirmed national security political appointments.

Nominations closed on September 10th and those nominated have been invited to fill out our form by September 17th with additional information about their background, expertise, and willingness to serve in either or both administrations. 

Thank you to many international affairs professionals who sent in nominations and added their support to this initiative by lifting up qualified women on both sides of the aisle and building a diverse pipeline of future leaders. With your help, we can make the case that there are ample numbers of qualified women ready to serve and that there is no excuse for leaving women out of the decision-making process.  Learn more about the process from The Partnership for Public Service's Ready to Serve initiative and learn more about foreign policy and national security positions available in the resources below. 

Nominations: Nominations closed on September 10th
Candidates: To be included in our database, you must complete your form no later than 12pm EDT on September 25th

What is asked on the form? Can I view the questions offline? Yes, you can view a PDF of the form herebut all forms must be completed online to be included in our database.

Who will have access to my information? When you submit your form, you will join our database of hundreds of qualified women who seek consideration for non-Senate-confirmed political appointment positions. The WFPG will work diligently to protect the information that you provide and will treat it as confidential while it is in our control. We will share the information you provide with our partner in this effort, LCWINS, and the Biden Transition Team and/or the Trump Presidential Personnel Office (whichever was indicated by you on your form) this fall. Although we expect (and we will request) that they do not release this information, at that point we will not be able to control access to this data. 

What if I’m interested in or have a nominee for a Senate-confirmed position? The WFPG is focused on collecting names for non-Senate-confirmed positions, but we will be happy to share nominations for Senate-confirmed positions with our partner, LCWINS, who is leading this effort.


What is the process like?

Ready to Serve | The Partnership for Public Service
A complete overview of the political appointment process from what to consider beforehand to what the process looks like

Overview of Appointments in an Incoming Administration | Center for Presidential Transition

Webinar Series | LC-WINS
LCWINS is hosting a series of six webinars to demystify the political appointments process. All who are interested are welcome to attend, but the sessions will focus on women's preparation for political appointment in senior roles.

What positions are available?

Non-Senate-Confirmed Presidentially Appointed Positions
This lists many of the non-Senate-confirmed presidentially appointed positions, non-career Senior Executive Service positions, and Schedule C excepted appointments related to foreign policy and national security that were listed in the most recent Plum Book (2016)
Published every four years, this lists every politically appointed position in all agencies in the last administration
Federal Position Descriptions | The Partnership for Public Service
Includes important information such as the primary responsibility of each position, the experience and competencies required and the level of pay 
For women interested in serving in the Trump Administration, you can apply directly to the White House in addition to adding your name to our database.

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