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Advocate for Iranian Women

Here are some ways that you can be an advocate for the rights of Iranian women:

  • Read and sign the open-support letter from Vital Voices and the artist collective For Freedoms calling for the immediate removal of the Islamic Republic of Iran from the UN Commission on the Status for Women.
  • Amplify the voices of Iranian women. Share, post, and engage with online content created by credible Iranian organizations and activists on the ground.
  • Middle East Matters is a youth-led organization that publishes informational content about women’s rights. They are currently organizing protests around the world to call for international attention on the protests in Iran. You can participate in demonstrations and protests to demand the international community to take action against the Iranian government.
  • Contact your elected representative and demand that they speak out about Iran’s human rights abuses and bring attention to the death of Mahsa Amini.

Stay informed

The Iranian government is currently cutting off access to the internet and major social media platforms such as Instagram, which Iran has done in the past to disperse protests. It is on organizations like us to stay informed on the state of Iranian women and protestors to ensure their fight and voices are heard.

Support Human Rights Organizations

  • Masih Alinejad is an Iranian human rights activist living in exile in the United States. She created “My Stealthy Freedom,” a campaign against the compulsory hijab in Iran. Learn more.
  • Hengaw Organization for Human Rights is a Norwegian-registered organization monitoring rights violations in Iran. They have been reporting on the death toll and injured protestors during demonstrations. Learn more.
  • United For Iran works to advance civil liberties in Iran by advocating for human rights, supporting civil society, and engaging citizens through technology. Learn more.
  • The Center for Human Rights in Iran is a New York-based non-profit researching and documenting human rights violations in Iran. They also create policy recommendations for governments and international organizations to advance action on human rights in Iran. Learn more.
  • Amnesty International is an international NGO dedicated to promoting human rights worldwide. They have previous research regarding Iran’s treatment of women and LGBTI people+ and provide news updates with the recent protests. Learn more.
  • Human Rights Watch is an international NGO that conducts research and advocacy for human rights. They have released dispatches regarding women’s rights and human rights in Iran and continue to provide updates on the ever-changing situation. Learn more.