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Monday, September 27
Interpreting the 2021 German Federal Election Results | 9:00 AM ET
Hosted by Brookings
Isabelle Borucki, University of Siegen; Yascha Mounk, Council on Foreign Relations; Daniela Schwarzer, Open Society Foundations; Constanze Stelzenmuller, Center of the United States and Europe; and moderator Rieke Havertz, Zeit Online REGISTER
Energy Markets in the Middle East | 10:00 AM ET
Hosted by Middle East Institute
Michael Cohen, BP; Carole Nackhle, Crystol Energy; Karen E. Young, MEI REGISTER
After Afghanistan: Why Central Asia is More Important Than Ever | 10:30 AM ET
Hosted by Atlantic Council
Lisa Curtis, CNAS; Ambassador Paula J. Dobriansky, Atlantic Council; Sodiq Safoev, Advisor to President of Uzbekistan; and moderator Ambassador John Herbst, Atlantic Council REGISTER
Wednesday, September 29
The Green Race: India’s Ambitious Renewable Energy Target | 9:00 AM ET
Hosted by Asia Society
Gauri Singh, International Renewable Energy Agency; Praveer Sinha, Tata Power Company Limited; Arunabha Ghosh, Council on Energy; Harsha Meenawat, Energy Program at WRI India REGISTER
Promoting Gender Equality in Democracy | 9:30 AM ET
Hosted by Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security
Ann Linde, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Sweden; Jennifer Klein, White House Gender Policy Council; Rob Berschinski, National Security Council; and moderator Ambassador Melanne Verveer, Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security REGISTER
Europe’s Response to the Uyghur Genocide | 11:30 AM ET
Hosted by Atlantic Council
Nusrat Ghani, Member of UK Parliament; Dovile Sakaliene, Member of Lithuanian Parliament, Gissou Nia, Strategic Litigation Project; and moderator Rayhan Asat, Atlantic Council | REGISTER
Community in Crisis: Impact of Covid-19 on Gender Equity and Inclusion in Nuclear Security  12:30 PM ET
Hosted by Stimson Center
Nickolas Roth, International Nuclear Security Forum; Jack Brosnan, Nuclear Threat Initiative; Mackenzie Cater, Nuclear Threat Initiative; Nilsu Goren, CRDF Global REGISTER
Thursday, September 30
Now More Than Ever: Shoring Up Afghanistan’s Humanitarian Assistance | 8:00 PM ET
Hosted by Asia Society
Shinkai Zahine Karokhail, Former Afghan Ambassador to Canada; Oh Joon, Save the Children Korea | REGISTER
Friday, October 1
Inaugural US-EU Trade and Technology Council Meeting Recap | 9:00 AM ET
Hosted by CSIS
Cecilia Malmstrom, Peterson Institute for International Economics; Robert D. Atkinson, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation; Melissa K. Griffith, Wilson Center; Bill Reinsch, CSIS; Meredith Broadbent, CSIS | REGISTER
A Conversation With Deputy Security of Defense Dr. Kathleen H. Hicks 10:00 AM ET
Hosted by CSIS
Kathleen Hicks, Deputy Secretary of Defense; Nina Easton, CSIS; Beverly Kirk, Smart Women Smart Power Initiative | REGISTER

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Zinya Salfiti | Foreign Policy | 20 September 2021
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Korinna Horta, Wawa Wang | Reconnecting Asia | 20 September 2021
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The New AUKUS Alliance Is Yet Another Transatlantic Crisis For France
Alexandra de Hoop Scheffer, Martin Quencez | German Marshall Fund 17 September 2021
Encouraging Small Business Procurement in Indian States
Kriti Upadhyaya | CSIS | 17 September 2021
How The Duma Elections Could Decide United Russia’s Fate
Tatiana Stanovaya | Carnegie Endowment For International Peace | 17 September 2021
Hezbollah is Trying to Be Lebanon’s Savior
Anchal Vohra | Foreign Policy | 17 September 2021
China and the US Could Sabotage EU Emission Efforts Again
Ludovica Meacci | Foreign Policy | 17 September 2021
American Power After Afghanistan
Jessica T. Mathews | Foreign Affairs | 17 September 2021
A Timeline of Hate, Intimidation and Injustice in Modi’s India
Rana Ayyub | Washington Post | 16 September 2021
Moscow Expands its Military Footprint on NATO’s Borders
Amy Mackinnon | Foreign Policy | 16 September 2021

What We're Listening to
After 16 Years of Angela Merkel, What’s Next For Germany
Constanze Stelzenmuller, Adrianna Pita | The Current | 17 September 2021
Recognizing the Taliban (or Not)
Shirin Jaafari | The World | 17 September 2021
How Air Warfare is Changing
Stacie Pettyjohn, Becca Wasser | Defense One Radio | 17 September 2021

Books and Publications
The Daughters of Kobani
Gayle Tzemach Lemmon

In 2014, northeastern Syria might have been the last place you would expect to find a revolution centered on women’s rights. But that year, an all-female militia faced off against ISIS in a little town few had ever heard of: Kobani. From that unlikely showdown emerged a fighting force that would wage war against ISIS across northern Syria alongside the United States. In the process, these women would spread their own political vision, determined to make women’s equality a reality by fighting—house by house, street by street, city by city—the men who bought and sold women. Read more

Betraying Big Brother: The Feminist Awakening in China
Leta Hong Fincher

On the eve of International Women’s Day in 2015, the Chinese government arrested five feminist activists and jailed them for thirty-seven days. The Feminist Five became a global cause célèbre, with Hillary Clinton speaking out on their behalf and activists inundating social media with #FreetheFive messages. But they are only symbols of a much larger feminist movement of civil rights lawyers, labor activists, performance artists, and online warriors prompting an unprecedented awakening among China’s educated, urban women. Fincher argues that this popular, broad-based movement poses the greatest challenge to China’s authoritarian regime today. Read more