NY Celebration of Women Diplomats
May 3, 2012 | New York, NY
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New York, NY—On May 3, 2012, the Women's Foreign Policy Group held its annual Celebration of Women Diplomats hosted by WFPG member Geraldine Kunstadter. The event, which focused on the achievements of women, honored ambassadors and deputy permanent representatives to the United Nations, as well as consuls general from the New York area. The diplomats spoke of women's empowerment in their own countries and reflected on their own goals and responsibilities. Speakers included Ambassadors and Permanent Representatives to the UN of the Czech Republic and Monaco, the Deputy Permanent Representative of Kenya, and the Consul General of Slovenia.

Ambassador Hrdá of the Czech Republic spoke about changes in women's employment in the post-communist era and discussed the disparity in salaries between genders. Ambassador Picco of Monaco emphasized the significance of laws protecting the rights of women. She also spoke about the responsibility of countries in which women have more equality in helping women with fewer rights. She said, "I think this is about us reaching out for those because we are lucky and we should lead by example."

Ambassador Ojiambo, Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN of Kenya, focused on finance and education policies intended to help women in poverty. She emphasized that women given access to finance are often able to improve the education of their children and begin to end the cycle of poverty. Consul General Gabri? of Slovenia spoke of financial hardship as well, stressing the importance of maintaining women’s advancements in the midst of economic strife. She also highlighted the influence of women's progress in the political domain specifically. Of this, she said, "And they say—research has shown—that once you surpass the threshold of 30% of women representation in politics, the agenda changes. There is more focus on social issues. And also, they say that discourse itself—the political discourse—becomes more emphatic and, you will not believe it, even civilized."

Several other women diplomats were recognized at the event, including the Deputy Permanent Representatives of Armenia, Bhutan, Macedonia, Jamaica, Zambia, and Zimbabwe, as well as the Consul General of the Bahamas.


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Host Geraldine Kunstadter, Consul General
Rhonda Chipman-Johnson of the Bahamas, and
WFPG President Patricia Ellis

  Geraldine Kunstadter, Ambassador Isabelle Picco
of Monaco, and Ambassador Edita Hrda
of the Czech Republic

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Diplomats and guests listen to the welcome

  Ambassador Isabelle Picco, Ambassador Josephine Ojiambo
Deputy Permanent Representative of Kenya, and Consul General
Melita Gabric of Slovenia

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Deputy Permanent Representative Sanja
Zografska-Krsteska of the Former Yugoslav Republic
of Macedonia speaks to guests

  Deputy Permanent Representative Angella Comfort of
Jamaica with Geraldine Kunstadter

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Deputy Permanent Representative Karine Khoudaverdian
of Armenia gives remarks

  Patricia Ellis with Deputy Permanent Representatives
Sheila Nangoma Mweeba of Zambia and Rofina
Tsingo Chikava of Zimbabwe

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Consul General Marijan Gubic of Croatia speaks with
Geraldine Kunstadter, Patricia Ellis, and guests

  Geraldine Kunstadter speaks with WFPG Coporate
Advisory Council Members Kiera Gans and Claudia
Saloman of DLA Piper

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Patricia Ellis speaks with Ambassador Isabelle Picco

  Marijan Gubic, Madeleine Crohn, and Patricia Ellis