North Korea:
The Escalating Crisis and the Path Forward

Sue Mi Terry & Jean H. Lee

Washington, DC—On October 20, 2017, WFPG hosted a conversation with Sue Mi Terry, BowerGroupAsia's senior advisor for Korea and former National Security Council Korea Director, and moderator Jean H. Lee, a Pulitzer Prize-nominated foreign correspondent and expert on North Korea. The discussion covered Kim Jong Un's goals, policy alternatives for the US, sanctions, and the role of China. The program was hosted by United Technologies Corporation, at their offices in Washington, DC.

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Sue Mi Terry and moderator Jean Lee

Jean Lee opens the discussion


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Sue Mi Terry addresses WFPG

Allison Ford, WFPG Board Member and
United Technologies Corporation Manager

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WFPG Board Member Gebe Martinez and
Nirmal Ghosh of The Straits Times
Ambassador Thelma Phillip-Browne of
St. Kitts and Nevis

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Sarah Vogler of CNA asks a question

Participants listen to the program

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WFPG Member Anne Howard-Tristani and Jean Lee

Sue Mi Terry greets Jonathan Broder of Newsweek